Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magika

You may think "oh it's about cute girls fighting", well it is and is not. This anime goes beyond the idea of a cute girl fighting. The plot centers around Madoka, a high school student that with her friend Sayaka discover that our world was being attacked by unknown entities called "witches". Witches existed since a long time ago and they are the reason for the death of many. They also meet a girl named Mami who explains to them that she is a Puella Magi (girl with magic powers) and that she fights those witches to help humanity. A girl becomes a Puella Magi by making a contract with a creature introduced as Kyubey. Kyubey will grant any wish to a girl in exchange of converting her in a Puella Magi and putting her to fight witches. They little know about Kyubey or the origin of a Puella Magi. As the episodes pass by they start to face the reality of what it is to be a Puella Magi and what purpose they serve. I enjoyed this anime a lot. I will be honest by saying that at the beginning I was not sure if this was worth watching. I told to myself "It's just girls with powers fighting witches... nothing new" but I was very wrong. This anime engaged me as it turns out nothing is what it seems to be. I would say this anime has a good psychological background that engages you to keep watching in order to know what is going to happen. I also would say that at some point, after deep thought about the plot, I felt sad for the characters. If you are curious about these girls and what is that psychological background that this anime carries then don't hesitate no more and go watch it!

Opening Song

I need to get this song so bad! >.<

Video Clip (could be a little spoiler?) 

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