Sunday, July 15, 2012


I loved this anime so much! It is very funny and very cute. It starts by showing Yui a clumsy girl who has no idea of what to do in school. Students are forced to become part of a club activity and Yui feels she has no ability for nothing and she is useless. One randomly she finds an ad by the light music club. She is attracted so much by the word "Light" assuming it would be easy. Meanwhile the light music club is seeking a 4th member so desperately so they are not closed down. Yui shows up to get in and that marks the beginning of what will become a great friendship. This anime is very cute and it revolves around music. I seriously believe everybody can enjoy this one! If you start watching it and you are already loving it then good news for you, there exists a second season named K-ON!! Also a film will be released by July 18, 2012!

Opening 1
Ending 1

Ending 3
I have all of them in my cellphone :P

Video Clip (Azusa cute moments!)

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