Friday, July 13, 2012

B Gata H Kei

I remember I went with my sister to an anime store. She is really not into anime at all but I convinced her that I would be able to find something she would like. I actually find to series she liked a lot and one of them is this one! This anime shows the life of Yamada which is a beautiful 15 years old girl which for some reason happens to desire to have sex with 100 different boys! Despite her beauty she is also virgin (I know... WTF?). In her desire to attain this wish she needs to first lose her virginity but she is scared the boys would not like her for being inexperienced. All these thoughts in her head leads her to chase a boy named Kosuda who  is a very unpopular not that gorgeous boy. She believes he would not criticize her knowledge in sex since obviously he himself is a virgin too. she goes to extreme actions just to seduce him and have him take her virginity. This anime may be kinda naughty but is mainly comedy and let me tell you it will make you laugh for sure! I spent days watching the 12 episodes with my sister and even she that dislikes anime was anxious of watching every episode hahaha.


Funimation Trailer

Video clip

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