Thursday, July 12, 2012

Darker than Black

This anime is a mixture of fantasy, action and gore. It's plot is based around this place known as Hell's Gate. This place suddenly emerged in Japan and with it brought several changes. Every star in the sky was replaced by a fake one that represents the life of a contractor. A contractor is someone who suddenly has acquired an unnatural power in exchange of a pay which happens to be any type of actions that can range singing to even harming themselves. Contractors are supposed to do these actions (payments) right after they use their powers otherwise they can die. As these "contractors" emerge they become assassins for numerous countries. They seek types of information and they kill with no mercy just to accomplish their tasks. Aside of contractor people called "dolls" arise too. Dolls as the name shows are people who have no sense, no emotion at all. Dolls are used as a medium to overlook zones for other contractors or any kind of information needed. Dolls are controlled by they owners and you could say they are just spy cams with no soul. The story focuses in a main character known as Hei as he accomplish deadly mission in Tokyo and as he seeks knowledge in what happened to his lost sister. This anime is a must watch for those of you who enjoy action plots and blood! I loved it and well let me tell you it has around 24 episodes a second season and one OVA. Enjoy!


Funimation Trailer 

OVA Fight

My favorite song from this anime!

I have this song in my phone  :P

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